Your First Appointment

What to expect on your first appointment

Going for treatment may seem a little daunting. That’s why I’ve written a page of frequently asked questions to explain what to expect on your First Appointment and answer some of the questions you might have. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Glasgow Osteopath by phone before attending your first appointment.

What happens on your first appointment?

At the start of your first appointment, I will want to find out why you want to see him. I will want to find out  about why you’ve come to see me. Questions may include your medical history and lifestyle as well as your symptoms. This is very important as it will help him to make an accurate diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatment for you. This is written down in the notes.

I will examine the area(s) of your body causing pain and discomfort. Sometimes the cause of the problem may be in a different area to the pain. For example, foot pain may be caused by changes in the movement at the hip joint, or pelvis. So sometimes, the whole body may need to examined

I will need to feel for tightness in the muscles and stiffness in the joints. Surrounding areas may be palpated to identify problems. I may also move your body to see if we can reproduce the pain. Explanations will be given as we go along. I will also check to see if you are happy for me to continue with each step. If you are uncomfortable with any part of this, you have the right to ask me to stop at any stage.

Will I need to get undressed?

To examine you effectively, it may be necessary to ask you to remove some clothing. You need to be aware that you may have to undress to your underwear depending on where needs to be examined. The amount of clothing removed will be kept to the absolute minimum. Shorts/T-shirt or swimwear can often be worn instead.

What will you do?

I will suggest a course of treatment, which may require several visits. An estimate will be given of how often you need to be seen. Although I find this more accurate after the second treatment as I can find out how you react to treatment. I will ask for your permission to provide treatment and you may be asked to sign a consent form.
Most patients are treated on their first appointment, but sometimes further tests first may be required. Occasionally I may diagnose or suspect something that I am unable to treat and may suggest that you consult your GP or another appropriate health professional.

Does it hurt?

You may experience discomfort with some of the treatment techniques used, but you will always set the limit. If you find anything too painful, or if you just don’t like it what is being done you have the right to ask me to stop at any time. I will let you know if any discomfort is likely and it is helpful to let me know what you are feeling. If pain persists after treatment, contact me for advice.

Can I bring a relative with me?

You are welcome to bring someone with you for all or part of your consultation. For some treatments I do bringing someone with can be highly recommended.

Last thing!

If you have any other questions, ask me. There are never any silly questions, just answers I haven’t provided yet.

Please Note

At present there are no osteopaths working or treating here. The content contained on this site is for information only.

While I qualified as an osteopath over 20 years ago with a BSc (ost) Hons and have practiced as a registered osteopath for 20 years at present I am not on the GOsC register of osteopaths so can’t call or describe myself as an osteopath.

I am now focusing on what I do rather than what I’m called. Expect to see some great changes happening.

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