The Longest Journey part 2

In “The Longest Journey” I said the quote was the longest journey starts with the smallest step. Another variation of the Mao quote is “the longest journey starts with the first step”.

I often have patients who come in who say “Well, it’s fine now.  It got better when I made the appointment.”

That was their one step to being pain free. When you are in pain, the pain is controlling you, and fear was stopping you doing what you want to do.

Your first step is deciding you want to be pain free. You then start to control your pain.

When you make the appointment you make a commitment to yourself to take the pain away. This starts to deminish the fear, putting you further in control.

The first step to health could be as simple as a phone call.

If you’ve read any of my previous blog entries, you might be asking why my style has changed. Well, I was looking at a blog the other day about some one who had taken his first step to “wellness” again.  Instead of saying “I’m going to get fit” (the big picture or end product) he’s made it smaller – “I’m starting yoga” do a bit of yoga here a bit there, and suddenly you have strength and flexibility (the big picture has taken care of itself).  Well, he’s made his first step and he’s taking lots of small steps to get to the end of his journey.

So we have the strange position where Chairman Mao, a ruthless murdering dictator, has given us a way to a heathier, happier life.  Just by considering life’s journey as series of small steps, started of course by a first step. This is quite appropriate when you consider that an anagram of Chairman Mao is I AM ON A MARCH.

So if you fancy being better, call me, call someone, because we should all be on that march to better health.

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