By lb128 -16/11/12  I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job. He’s always professional and gets you up and running as quickly as possible and combines this with an excellent sense of humour! Would recommend him without hesitation!

By Big MTS -27/12/11  good old fashioned honest aproach to fixing the problem and dosent seem to be in it just to get you going back week after week, more interested in helping than taking the money and running.

If you have back pain go and see this guy HE WILL SORT IT!

By Dave – 05/11/2011 Daniel is the best osteopath in Glasgow as far as I’m concerned. 1st saw him for back pain (hasn’t returned) . Saw him again for shin splints after running. now seeing him for headaches.

I always feel he works hard to get rid of the problem, and stop the need for me to keep coming back again, and again for the same problem. If you have any sort of muscle or join problem I’d say Dan is the MAN

Michael H ‎ – 19 Sep 2011 Life was difficult 5 years ago, recurrent neck and back problems coupled with exhaustion caused by ME which were severely restricting my ability and motivation to undertake the everyday activities I needed and wished to carry out . Mad as it sounds but each day for 6 months I looked at the framed picture which sat on the floor of my flat completely unmotivated to hang it on the wall. Such a simple task to complete but a good example of the apathy that had set in. Thanks to Daniel’s conscientious approach, passion, skill and abilities to quickly diagnose & successfully treat both the neck pain & ME (through the Perrin technique) my quality of life has improved to a point where the aforementioned scenarios area thing of the past. My very occasional “ maintenance “ revisit serves as a good reminder how my health has improved beyond recognition


By Christine R – 21 Dec 2010 Would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your help! I still can’t believe the big difference you’ve made to my back after the first visit!! Consider me your number one fan!!

By Craig – 19 Apr 2010 Been going to Daniel for few years on-and-off and I can definitely see the benefits. I stopped going because the pain in my upper-back was completely gone. That was really a mistake because I should have just made a follow-up appointment for three or so months later. I’m now back and Daniel is continuing to help me. I’m getting some very good treatment at an affordable cost. Superb‎‎
By david – 29 Jan 2010 Daniel is without doubt the best Osteopath i’ve ever seen. I’ve had back pain for years which had stopped me doing the things I loved doing, and stopped me trying new things for fear of making worse or starting again. after a few treatments I noticed I could put my socks on easier and my back wasn’t painful when I got out of bed, and it kept getting better. I started playing sport again, getting my toddler into her cot and strapped into the car seat doesn’t hurt any more. it’s as if Daniel,s careful treatment has given my life back again Best osteopath I’ve ever seen!