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Acupuncture and Migraines

I’ve just read the Daily Mail feature ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1254746/Chinese-medicine-caused-kidney-failure-cancer-So-safe-popular-cures.html ) on acupuncture and Chinese medicine and there are a few things troubling me about it. The part that troubles me the most is the mystery shopper going round with migraines.

If you have a history of migraines, and you’d already been diagnosed with migraines why would you want to go to someone else to be diagnosed with what you know you already had. Sounds like a bit of a waste of time to me.

Surely the point of going to see someone “different” is to get a differing view of its actual treatment. This might mean a different form of diagnosis, which then leads to a different form of treatment.

The conventional western medical way for a whole host of conditions is “Here take these pills when you feel the start of one.”  This isn’t treatment it’s management of symptoms. Trying acupuncture or Chinese medicine maybe a way of actually treating the condition i.e. not having any more migraines.  To me, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing to try for.

So if you have something wrong with you and your happy to take the pills carry on with them and continue laughing at other forms of medicine. If you’re not happy try acupuncture, try osteopathy, try something else and if and when your condition improves tell the others.  If they still say no, well, we can start laughing at them.