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Supermarket babies

After hearing about supermarkets selling fertility drugs last week  I have been thinking quite how it would work.

My first thought was “Where would the supermarket find their supply?” They could buy their supplies from the manufactures, but supermarkets are really keen to cut the price that they buy at.  They’re also in to maximizing profits.  So maybe they could try the grey market (google grey market if you want to know more). This was popular a few years back when supermarkets tried to find sources of cheap jeans and perfume amongst other things.

Another source they could use would be the prescription meds people that I keep getting spammed by. Their prices seem to be cheap, but the trouble with this method is the supermarkets don’t know exactly what they’re getting, but I’m sure that some merchants wouldn’t let that get in the way of increased profits.

I’ve also noticed that some of the meds people have “special” offers. You know the thing, buy this, get some of that to try.  If the supermarkets waited until they were being offered “FREE VIAGRA” this would make a fantastic multibuy offer. The other thing they could do is the cross marketing thing, displaying the Viagra next to the fertility drugs. This way they could link sales and increase profits as you pick up some blue pills just so you don’t waste the effect of the fertility drugs and have to wait another month.

There are some issues that would need to be addressed before they could go on sale.  One of the main ones is how would you check on who was buying them especially if it was ordered online. There would have to be some ID thing.

There could still possibly be problems if you bought it in store.  We read in some papers recently how middle-aged people were refused alcohol because they were with their teenagers.  Would they refuse service if middle-aged people were out with their mums?

Taking things slightly further. Who would provide the screening and any counselling service required? Surely this is more important than cheap drugs and increased profits. Maybe this is the next sly step in the supermarkets take over of Britain? Have they got their eye on the NHS, wanting to take it over bite by bite? Or is it the way the supermarkets plan to take care of us from cradle to grave, because pretty soon they might be offering funerals (they already sell the flowers), if they don’t already.

One last thing is, what would the shopping list look like. Would it be something like this?

shopping list

  • cucumber
  • joy jelly
  • viagra
  • fertility drugs