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The Longest Journey

This is a hard post to write as I don’t want to trivialize anyones death, well at least not publically.

I read the story today about the two teenagers who sadly died after taking mephedrone.  The headline I read said something along the lines of “Action pledged on ‘Meow, Meow’ after two teen friends die.”

This confused me for a few seconds as last night I had been watching multiple episodes of QI recorded on the digi box and had learnt that chairman Mao’s name meant cat or meow in chinese.  This lead to my first thought of “What did some dead murdering chinese dictator have to do with the death of 2 teenager especially since he was dead? Was this some beyond the grave thing” (cue the twilight zone music). Then I read the rest of the article and my first thought went away, but didn’t leave me entirely.

Later I started thinking about Mao. One of his quotes came to mind. The one “the longest journey starts with the smallest step.”

This struck me as a really important concept and one we should all use in our life.

So many people feel stressed. How many of us have thoughts like. I have too much to do and too little time. This has to be done, that has to be done. I have do this for him and that for her. I have to be there at that time and I can’t fit it all in.

Maybe we should start by looking at everything in terms of the smallest steps, as a series of small bite sized pieces each one building on the next. Don’t think of the big picture imagine it more like painting by numbers. You get the big picture finished in the end and you keep your sanity. Unless you’ve been sniffing the thinners you clean your brushes in.