Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopaths are normally considered movement specialists, looking to get you pain free and return you to your body’s optimal condition.

Various methods may be used to enable the body to heal and facilitate better health. First and foremost, I listen to you, to make sure any treatment given is correct for you and your condition. Treatment techniques used understand that the patient is more than their injury, so while massage, soft tissue, and manipulative techniques may be the mainstay, other techniques may also be employed to increase confidence, strength and knowledge about your condition.

Because you are more than your injury, I also like to look at other factors that may be stopping you achieving your optimum condition. So as part of your treatment I may look at and possibly include advice on movement, stress, sleep, diet/nutrition.

This all-round approach is probably the most important thing I do as an osteopath in that it gives you the tools and understanding to stop you regressing to how you were when you initially came in. To find out if osteopathy can help you I have a free consultation option. To make an appointment at Osteopath Glasgow click here

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