In this page, I’ve included links to articles of interest that illustrate an approach to osteopathy.  If they have piqued your interest in osteopathic treatment, why not get in touch?


“The Benefits of seeing an Osteopath”.  If you suffer from pain it might be a good idea to see an osteopath, but what can you expect? From  Saga magazine. Benefits of osteopathy


ME/CFS A patient talks about her Living Death and her Treatment. From The Mail on Sunday. The Perrin technique for ME/CFS

Tinnitus – A patients perspective after being successfully treated by an osteopath. From The Daily Express. Osteopathic treatment of tinnitis

A confusing article by Mirriam Stoppard in The Mirror. Might have to comment on it in a Blog post.

From the Irish Independent. A journalist tries osteopathy for the first time and gives a full and frank account of her treatment and its effects

An article from the Daily Mail (again) on the link between your feet and headaches. This is not on osteopathy, but illustrates the osteopathic view of your body and how a problem in one area can cause symptoms in another place.

An article by Dr Ann Redgrave,the wife of 5-times olympic gold medalist Sir Steve Redgrave, on the effectiveness of osteopathy, and why she turned her back on orthopedic surgery and trained as an osteopath.