Osteopathic Treatments for Pain

Osteopaths are probably best known for the treatment of back pain and sciatica, but we also treat other problems whether it’s muscle and joint aches, pain, stiffness, spasm or you just want a check up or a maintenance treatment to try to stay in top shape we have an appointment for you. If you’re still not sure I have a free assessment option as well.

Normally your primary goal when seeing an osteopath is to get the problem fixed. The first goal of my treatments is to get you pain free. For some people this is all they want.

You want me to get you pain free and back to normal as quickly as possible.

Next I can look at the surrounding structures find out what’s wrong with them and any possible link to your original pain or problem. I will treatment them and advice and possibly exercises may be given to you to help manage your problem.

Once that’s all taken care of I can then look at anything else and try to treat preventively to try and stop anything that may give you trouble at a later date.


Appointment Options

Full Osteopathic Appointments

What we do on a full appointment. When you’re a new patient  I take a case history where I find out about you, your problem, previous osteopathic and medical history and do some osteopathic, orthopedic and possibly some medical tests. This helps me diagnosis what the problem is and find the predisposing and maintaining factors. Then if appropriate treat in the way most effective to/for you.

This is where I find and fix the problem. I will also identify any predisposing and maintaining factors.

Maintenance treatments. Just as your dentist or optician advise an examination and treatment to catch issues before they become a problem so do osteopaths . If you’ve ever had a problem where you’ve ever required osteopathic treatment for pain this it what I’d advise so you don’t need it again.

If you need one of these treatments book an osteopathic treatment>>

Free Osteopathic assessment:

If you’re still not sure if I can help you this appointment is for you. I take the same care to identify the problem as a full osteopathic appointment, but no treatment is given. When I have a clear idea about what is happening I will discuss if, and how osteopathy can help. This appointment can be extended to a full appointment if required.

If you need one of these treatments book a free assessment>>