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Rocktaping the Hoka Highland Fling Race

Running the 2015 Hoka Highland Fling? Annoying niggle or pain? I’ll  Rocktape it for free on (although a little donation to charity would be appreciated) on Friday the 24th of April the day before the race.

Reason why I’m offering free taping

The 2015 Hoka Highland Fling is in 2 days (at time of writing this). Yesterday, I had a patient in who was entered in the fling, suddenly grow worried that a little training niggle was going to cause them to DNF or potentially if the worry increased DNS. In the time available I can’t treat and a get you to complete a rehab routine, but with Rocktape I may be able to help you get through the Fling.

I treat runners nearly everyday that I’m in clinic and I know how much time and training effort goes into preparation for an ultra, so I want you be the best you can be. I want you to run. So It’s my turn to give back, I’m taping for free, and have given the tape as any proceeds given will go straight to charity (hospices in Glasgow and Leeds)

If you do have any problems I will be running the taping as a drop in session. either drop in and wait, or put your name on the list and come back. I’ve already had a few people arrange to get Rocktaped and meet with a few other people traveling to Glasgow for the fling. So we could end up being the early social centre for the fling!

This is obviously an old post now, but the feel for the need to tape can apply to any race..If you have any worries make an appointment.

If you need taping this may be good to read so you’re get the best results. Prepare for taping


5 Rules for Rocktaping

What you need to do before applying Rocktape

I described Rocktape as both duct tape like, and as adhesive tape that we sometime put on your skin. Just like any other kinesiology tapes there area a few rules to follow to  help it stick and last longer. So here’s a quick list to help you with your taping.

fell runner with rocktape kinesiology tape on knee
Runner with Rocktape on Knee
  1. Make sure the area is clean: naturally occurring grease and oils in the skin can stop Rocktape sticking
  2. No lotions or creams: Just as naturally occurring oils can stop adhesion, so can moisturisers, sunblocks and midge repellants. Tip apply after tape, but try and keep off, as some may dissolve adhesive
  3. Dry area for application: leave applying for a few minutes if just out of the shower or bath, just to allow the area to dry properly. Sweat can also stop kinesiotapes from sticking. Both of these can cause a problem if out running and you want to apply. Sometimes it feels like it’s either wet from sweat, or the rain, sometimes both (been there done it!). Tip see if you can find a wall/tree/hedge to give you just a little lee to protect from elements.
  4. Shave area?: You don’t have to shave the area, but when you have to peel the rocktape off it doesn’t hurt as much (you can thank me later for that!) I don’t like the area shaved smooth as hair could be described as part of a sensory organ, so it may help the tape work better. Stubble is a good compromise.
  5. Can you do it: Make sure everything you need is easily reachable before you start applying. All the pieces of tape, scissors if you haven’t pre-cut (although I still sometimes find I need to shorten it mid application) and instructions if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

This sounds very arduous, but in reality it’s quite easy to do. If you need to be taped for an event, I will try to make sure that you can apply to yourself before you leave.