Glasgow Ostepaths Sponsored Athletes

Find out why I started the Glasgow Osteopaths sponsored athlete program, a little of its history, what it means to you. There are also links to profiles of the Athletes and what they’re doing.

Why I Started The Program

Some sports, particularly at elite level, are well funded and have great back-up for their athletes. These sports seem to be the “sexy” televised sports. The televised sports can attract high amounts of sponsorship and also professional team. The sports that Glasgow Osteopaths sponsored athletes come from don’t attract this in the UK (not yet anyway).  All the athletes I treat are now considered “Elite” level, but until recently, all the money to keep them running came from their pockets. This makes them the same as you or me, but to compete with the best in the world they need a little more. This is why the Sponsored Athlete program started.

History of Sponsored athlete program

I Sponsored my first athlete, Paul Giblin, an Ultra runner with treatment in 2011. Since then I’ve added a Donnie Campbell to the sponsoring program. In that time I’ve seen both of them go from strength to strength. They’ve been running in more races, achieving personal bests and  setting new course records. In 2013 they held first and second place in the Scottish Ultra Series (a league table of results in Scottish ultra). They’ve both represented their country and won awards as well. I believe I’ve enabled them to do this, because the careful treatment that I have given has allowed them to train more consistently. This is because they’ve had little or no time off with injuries. The treatment has maybe also made them more efficient runners and possibly also shortened their rest/recovery times. All my care would be nothing without  the hard work, training and determination they have put in. Recently Rab Wardell (mountain biking/cyclocross) was added to the program as well. I can’t wait to see what he achieves..

What This Means to You

What the sponsored athletes do is at one end of the activity spectrum.They use their body at an extreme level. Us mere mortals don’t use them quite as much, but we can suffer from the same problems. They don’t like taking time off for injury. It’s my job to stop them having to take time off, or to reduce the recovery time. If I can keep these guys going (and I’ve learnt a lot from treating them) I can keep you going, getting you pain free and and back to your life as quickly as possible.

These guys trusts me to maintain their bodies throughout the year. It means they can focus on training and racing – helping them achieve their ambitions. No matter what the distance you run or race, from 5K to marathon (and beyond), I believe I can help to keep you training so that you get the most out of your running. If you’d like to know more about how I could support your training and racing plans send me an email Osteopath Glasgow or call me to discuss, (you can even tweet me @Glasgowosteo) – I love to talk running!

Glasgow Osteopaths Sponsored Athletes

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